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2351 Squadron History

2351 Squadron was first formed in approximately 1942 when we began as a flight of ArunValley along with Arundel.

At a later date Arun Valley was disbanded and 2351 Squadron were put on hold for several years. It was a DF (Detached Flight) of 461 (Chichester) Squadron and we were located at Westloats Lane, Bognor Regis.

In approximately 1961 we became a Squadron in our own right and at the time, still located at Westloats Lane.

Between 1971 and 1972 the Squadron moved to its present location on Chichester Road. In 1979 when the Fire Brigade went on strike and the Squadron was commandeered by the MOD and the Gurkas stayed here for the time of the strike.

Around 1988 to 1989 a DF was started in Tangmere and Pilot Officer Steel was the OC (Officer Commanding). December 1992 saw the DF moved to Westergate School and in March 1993 Flying Officer Lloyd-Smith took over.

The DF was closed in September 1994 and this is when all the cadets came to the Squadron. In 1992 our second building was allocated to us.