Greens Uniform – what you need

Here’s a list of everything you need to complete your green’s uniform:

Essential items

  • Combat boots (black, unless you’re wearing “MTP” in which case you can wear brown)
  • Thick socks for the boots are generally better
  • Olive drab T-shirt
  • Combat shirt
  • Combat Smock
  • Combat trousers
  • Military trouser twists (we’ll show him how to use these)
  • Boot cleaning kit (a couple of brushes, cloth and polish)
  • Small personal first aid kit

Not essential but preferential

  • Torch (for night exercises)
  • Compass (these are provided but recommended)
  • Black or olive cold weather gear (hat, gloves, scarf or neck gaiter)
  • Scrim net
  • Webbing kit (required for some shooting activities and we sometimes use them for night exercises)
  • Day bag
  • Camo cream
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers (preferably in camo or dark colours)

Types of uniform

Please note – there are two types of uniform you can acquire.

CS95 (Soldier ’95)

CS95 uniform

Newer MTP pattern

MTP uniform

Please note: MTP is more expensive to purchase due to it being a newer uniform type. CS95 is much easier and cost effective. Many cadets still wear CS95 and will do for the foreseeable future.

Note, our regulations do not allow mixing of the above uniform.

Where to get your green uniform from

Here are a few places you can acquire your green’s attire: – These are the guys near Bury Hill

Good old eBay and Amazon

There are many other well priced places you can get used equipment from too.