What we do

As a Cadet of the Air Training Corps we expect a lot from you. What you put into it is what you’ll get out, but once you’re getting stuck in we know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

We provide activities that offer you challenge, excitement and adventure. You’ll get hands on experience as well as learn theory that you can apply both in and out of the Cadets.

We offer experiences on a Squadron level right up to International level. There’s more than we can possibly list here but below are just some of the things you could be doing as early as next week.

Camping and shelter buildingCamping

As well as summer camps across the country at RAF stations joining other cadets from other squadrons, you’ll also enjoy our squadron camps. From camp craft to making fires and night exercises and everything in between. You’ll experience life in the wild eating and living in the outdoors. We combine this hands on experience with learning to work as a team and developing your leadership skills.

ATC shootingShooting

There are a range of rifles you’ll be able to safely experience. From .22 small bore rifles to the short burst LSW and L98 that our armed forces use day in and day out. Develop your marksmanship skills and learn the discipline and responsibility of using rifles.

ATC FlyingFlying

We fly several aircraft in the ATC and you’ll get to experience them all. From gliders to powered gliders to Air Experience Flights in Grob Tutor training aircraft at RAF bases along the south coast. Progress well in your flying skills and you’ll get the opportunity to participate in a gliding scholarship; learning to fly a glider to powered glider to solo standard. You could potentially be flying an aircraft by yourself before you’re driving a car.

Leadership exercisesAdventurous Training

As well as hiking and exploring at the squadron there are opportunities to join the ATC on expeditions further afield such as Wales. You can experience rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing and sailing are all activities you could be involved in at 2351 (Bognor Regis) Sqn.

First Aid

There are several qualifications you can acquire as a cadet including the British Heart Foundation Heart Start course and the Young First Aider’s Award. You’ll learn about first aid at the squadron giving you very valuable skills that may one day be useful both on squadron and in civilian life.

Duke of Edinburgh expeditionsDuke of Edinburgh

From your bronze award right through to gold you can work all the way through your Duke of Edinburgh’s awards at Bognor Air Cadets. Our trained staff will help you work through the syllabus, gain your experience and you’ll participate in expeditions across the south coast to earn your award. This is a qualification admired by many employers.

Drill practiceDrill

As part of your experience discipline is a major factor. Although you’ll be having immense amounts of fun there are also firm rules you are required to adhere to. Drill forms a major part of your cadet career – there’s no feeling like parading proudly, looking the part in a freshly pressed uniform in front of hundreds of people and your parents at a public event. Drill also teaches self-control and teamwork.

Flight Simulator at TangmereFlight Simulator

We have a flight simulator at 2351 Sqn allowing you to learn the ropes and experience flight before getting in the cockpit for real. We’ll take you through the controls and teach you to fly in the safety of the classroom so you can enjoy your actual flying lessons more.

RAF Odiham visitRAF Station Visits

Throughout the year we often visit local RAF stations. This means visits to RAF armouries, bomb disposal units, firefighting team, engineering units and of course, if you’re lucky, experiencing flight in an operational RAF aircraft including Chinook helicopters.

ATC syllabus trainingTraining Syllabus

A core part of your cadet experience is the training syllabus we provide. Set out in classes this training allows you to progress through various specialist training allowing you to gain more qualifications, more experience and gain more knowledge.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Come down with a parent on a Tuesday or Thursday evening between 1900 and 2000 to find out what we’re about. Look forward to seeing you!